Arrest Process

After a police officer has placed a person under arrest, the officer transports him to a jail facility for booking by. After processing, the person usually can post the standard bond amount and be released. However, if the individual cannot pay the required money, or was arrested for a domestic violence charge, a violation of probation, or a non-bondable offense, he will remain in jail and be taken within 24 hours for a first appearance hearing before a judge. A person arrested for a bench warrant will not be allowed to post bond and must appear before a judge.

(Note: When a person is arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, the case is sent to the Domestic Violence Division (DVD) of the County Court. Domestic violence offenses are primarily assaults or batteries, stalking, and violation of injunctions between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, people who live together, or people who have a child together. Laws applying only to domestic violence offenses require the defendant to remain in jail until the first appearance hearing. The defendant will not be allowed to post bond until after the hearing.)