Choosing the Right Attorney

You may have come across this website in an effort to choose a lawyer.  If so, I urge you to actually talk to the lawyer you seek to hire, either on the telephone or in person.

Choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and that you have trust, faith and confidence to fight for you and your rights.  Please do not base your decision on which attorney to hire based on size of an advertisement or a billboard or on one of the mailbox-full of solicitation letters you received from attorneys.

When you talk to a prospective lawyer, be prepared to ask certain questions.  Ask how long the attorney has practiced in this area.  Ask if he or she has ever tried a case before your judge or against the opposing counsel.  Ask which attorney in the law firm will personally handle your case – will it be the one you want?  Will it change at each court appearance?

I regularly appear in the court and before the judge to whom your case is assigned.  The importance of this cannot be overstated as the procedures can vary in different circuits, different counties and different judges.  I keep a manageable docket.  I have an active thriving practice but I am sure to keep my cases to a point where each client gets the time and attention he or she deserves.

While no attorney can guarantee results (if one does, run, don’t walk, away), I will always give you my best advice, skill, and judgment.  I will use my experience to provide you with zealous representation.  And, it certainly can’t hurt to have a little luck of the Irish!