Criminal Defense

If you have been recently arrested or you are being investigated, you are facing one of the biggest challenges of your life.  You need a local, experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive and effective criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Aaron O’Brien has handled hundreds of cases for all kinds of people from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, police officers, politicians, professional athletes, and pastors who have been accused of all sorts of crimes like DUI, drugs, domestic violence, burglary, robbery and murder right here in Southwest Florida, Florida.

Well-respected criminal defense lawyers from all over Florida, as well as lawyers in other areas of practice in Southwest Florida, regularly refer their clients to Mr. O’Brien because he has a reputation for being diligent, tenacious and knowledgeable of the law.

Aaron O’Brien has appeared on Closing Arguments with Nancy Grace (mercifully, there was a guest host that day), Both Sides with Vinnie Politan, Catherine Crier Live, Trial Heat, Open Court with Fred Graham, Daybreak with Mandy Connell, the News-Press, Naples Daily News, Bonita Banner, Cape Coral Daily Breeze and more.

Mr. O’Brien has tried many cases to a not guilty verdict where, had the outcome been different, the client would have served life in prison.

You can be sure that no matter what the allegations are, Aaron O’Brien will not judge you, only vigorously defend you. He will spend the time necessary to listen to you, to fully understand you, and to achieve the best possible result for you.

And, as always, it can’t hurt to have a little luck of the Irish!

Oh, and what’s it going to cost?

Here’s a personal word about fees from Attorney Aaron O’Brien:

I always strive to strike a reasonable and fair fee agreement given all the known facts and circumstances. This is why I do not have “standard” or set prices although Criminal and DUI cases are usually a fixed or “flat” fee rather than an hourly rate.
I firmly believe you should not select a criminal defense lawyer solely based on price. Selecting a lawyer based on the lowest bidder seems unwise.

Nevertheless, I, too, am price conscious and believe that price is a factor even for something as important as heart surgery or criminal defense where life and liberty are at stake.

So, if you want a range of what the fee might be, feel free to call my office and we will be happy to tell you.

But to be as fair as I can, I will need to review your case and speak with you about what your particular needs are, what the evidence consists of, where the witnesses are located, the complexity of the legal issues, and many other factors.

I have represented very rich and very poor people. I promise to do my best not to let money get in between a fruitful attorney-client relationship.

Payment plans are available and, for your convenience, we accept online payments via debit cards or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

The O’Brien Law Firm handles all State, Federal, and Juvenile Felony and Misdemeanor charges.

White Collar Crimes

Bank Fraud
Bankruptcy Fraud
Computer Crimes
Computer Hacking
Credit Card Fraud
Email Interception
Health Care Fraud
Identity Theft
Insurance Fraud
Internet Fraud
Investment Schemes
Mortgage Fraud
Money Laundering
Organized Fraud
Pyramid Schemes
Racketeering / RICO
Realty Fraud
Securities Fraud
Tax Evasion / Tax Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud
Weights & Measures
Welfare Fraud
Wire Fraud

Violent Crimes

Assault and Battery
Domestic Violence
Disorderly Conduct
Disorderly Intoxication
Vehicular Manslaughter
False Imprisonment
Theft / Larceny
Grand Theft
Hate Crimes
Weapons Possession

Sexual Crimes

Child Abuse
Child Enticement
Child Pornography
Date Rape
Failure to Register
Indecent Exposure
Internet Pornography
Lewd Conduct
Marital Rape
Megan’s Law Changes
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment
Statutory Rape

Drug Crimes

Anabolic Steroids
Possession for Sale
Prescription Fraud


DUI / Drunk Driving
Reckless Driving
Suspended License
Criminal Mischief
Fleeing / Eluding
Obstructing Justice
Parole Violations
Probation Violations
Immigration Crimes
Writs and Appeals