DUI: What Do I Need to Know Now?

Arrested for DUI? If you’ve been arrested for DUI, we can help.

You need a local, experienced, knowledgeable, and effective DUI defense attorney. Typically after a DUI arrest your driver’s license will be administratively suspended.

The citation serves multiple purposes:  it can serve as a criminal charging document; it is a notice of suspension of your driver’s license; and, it acts as a temporary driver’s permit.  You may drive on the ticket for 10 days for any purpose.

With that time, if you wish to challenge or seek review of the suspension,  you may request a Formal Review Hearing with the Bureau of Administrative Reviews.  That is, YOU HAVE ONLY 10 DAYS TO TAKE ACTION. We have only one Bureau of Administrative Reviews office for all of Southwest Florida and it is located at 4048 Evans Avenue Unit 305 in Fort Myers.

How to Avoid or Survive a DUI Arrest