Grievance Defense

Have you gotten a Bar Complaint?

Aaron O’Brien has experience defending his fellow attorneys accused in Florida Bar Grievance complaints.

If you are a Florida attorney and received a Bar Complaint, you should first do nothing. All too often, lawyers quickly shoot off a rant in response to the complaint. This is unwise.

Of course, failing to timely respond to a complaint is a violation in itself, it is best to give the matter the reflective contemplation it deserves and to never underestimate the seriousness of a Florida Bar grievance. Then it is best to consult with an objective lawyer, dissociated from the facts and emotions of the complaint.

Oftentimes, attorneys consult with Aaron O’Brien for a strictly confidential meeting to review the facts and circumstances of the Bar complaint as well as the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar prior to responding to the Bar.

If the matter is referred to the Grievance Committee, forgive the phrase, but you’ll have a fool for a client if you represent yourself. Remember, the Florida Bar will be represented by an attorney called Bar counsel but also referred to as the “Prosecutor.”

If you are a Florida attorney facing a disciplinary matter or received a Bar Complaint, contact Attorney Aaron O’Brien right away.