Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Attorney Aaron O’Brien has represented both Petitioners and Respondents in all manner of domestic violence injunctions, restraining orders, injunctions against stalking and repeat violence.

If you have been served with a Notice of Hearing or Temporary Injunction, Attorney Aaron O’Brien can help. At the hearing, the Court will determine if sufficient evidence exists to issue a Final Order of Injunction.

Do not underestimate the seriousness and consequences of these proceedings.

The consequences of an injunction being issued can have tremendous consequences – even as it applies to someone who you’d rather never see or hear from again.

First, you’ll be stripped of your Second Amendment rights. Both Florida and Federal law prohibit possession of firearms and ammunition for those under a Final Order of Injunction. There is no exception to this law, not even for active duty military or police officers to possession firearms while on duty under Federal law. In fact, Attorney Aaron O’Brien has also represented police officers and members of the United States Armed Forces in Injunction and Restraining Order cases.

But you’re not a hunter, a police officer or in the Army, so no big deal, right? Wrong.

You may be barred from returning to your own home. You may be ordered to stay away from your own children or to pay support the other party. You may be court-ordered to undergo (and pay for) a 29 week Batterer’s Intervention Program or other intervention programs. You may be forbidden from visiting your own children.

Myriad professional and occupational licenses can be affected; your job could be in jeopardy; admissions to schools or universities can be affected. Your immigration status can be compromised.

Plus, if you are accused of violating the injunction you then face up to one year in jail or five years in prison for certain stalking and cyber-stalking violations.

Attorney Aaron O’Brien sees all too often people going to Injunction court by themselves and regretting it later. Or, they go to court with an attorney who doesn’t sufficiently know of the rules, procedure and law as it pertaining to restraining orders.

Please do not make that mistake. Contact Attorney Aaron O’Brien to discuss your case.