Student Code of Conduct and Title IX

Attorney Aaron O’Brien serves as a Student Advisor for Florida Gulf Coast University students facing Student Code of Conduct hearings and Title IX investigations.

Florida Gulf Coast University students accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct are entitled to a Formal Hearing and to have a Student Advisor or his or her choice to assist them throughout the disciplinary process and be present at the hearing. Attorney Aaron O’Brien has served as Student Advisor for FGCU students facing disciplinary proceedings.

FGCU Student Code of Conduct proceedings can be heard before either a Hearing Officer or before a Student Conduct Committee. As Student Advisor, Attorney Aaron O’Brien can assist the “Charged Student” with preparing for the hearing by describing the rules and procedure; helping to collect, preserve, and instructing on how to present evidence; assisting the student with preparing his or her statement; assisting with gathering and preparing witnesses; assisting with preparing questions for the complainant, referred to as the “impacted person”; and being present at the hearing to assist and ensure the University abides by its own rules.

Student Code of Conduct hearings are extremely important. The standard or proof is a “preponderance of the information” presented. If found “responsible” at a hearing before a Hearing Body, the Hearing Body recommends sanctions to the Dean of Students. If found “responsible” at a hearing before a Hearing Officer, the Hearing Officer determines the sanction.

Sanctions run anywhere from a reprimand or counseling and probation to suspension and permanent expulsion from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Attorney Aaron O’Brien assists students facing allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination under Title IX before the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, Title IX Coordinator at Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Southwestern State College, and elsewhere.

These investigations are extremely important. If a student is found “responsible” by a “more likely than not” or “preponderance of the evidence” standard it can lead to Student Code of Conduct proceedings, expulsion from the university, a civil suit, an injunction, and criminal charges.

If you or someone you know is a Florida Gulf Coast University student facing Title IX or disciplinary proceedings, contact Attorney Aaron O’Brien right away.