Traffic Tickets

Attorney Aaron O’Brien has represented people who have been cited with state, county, and municipal traffic violations.

Mr. O’Brien is abundantly familiar with the rules and laws of traffic court. He served two consecutive three-year terms on the Florida Bar Traffic Court Rules Committee along with other lawyers and judges who try to improve the Florida Rules of Traffic Court.

While people can and do regularly represent themselves in traffic court, consider hiring an attorney who regularly practices in that area, who can appear on your behalf (even when the ticket is stamped “mandatory court appearance”) for a modest fee. Even minor traffic tickets can have long lasting effects, particularly if you are young, drive as part of your employment, have had infractions before or hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

For non-mandatory appearances, you generally have 3 options:

  • Pay the fine and accept the points on your license
  • Pay the fine and elect traffic school if eligible – with no points assessed
  • Set the matter for hearing

Just because you set the case for hearing, does not mean you must have a trial. Attorney Aaron O’Brien can negotiate on your behalf or assist you in presenting mitigation. Or, if appropriate, Aaron O’Brien can conduct your trial (even if you cannot come to court).

If you have elected traffic school within the preceding 12 months, you may not automatically elect traffic school. However, the judge or traffic court magistrate can order traffic school to spare the points being assessed.

If you receive a citation or a notice to appear for a municipal ordinance, contact Attorney Aaron O’Brien right away to discuss your options, which include: pay the price or challenge the citation. However, if you’re not willing to challenge your citation, you have several ways to pay.


How to Pay Your Traffic Ticket, Ordinance Violation, or Misdemeanor