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Toll Violations and Ordinance Violations


Aaron O’Brien represents people charge with Toll Violations. These cases are heard in Traffic Court.

Attorney Aaron O’Brien is abundantly familiar with the rules and law of traffic court. He has been appointed to his second three-year term on the Florida Bar Traffic Court Rules Committee along with other lawyers and judges who try improve the Florida Rules of Traffic Court.

Unpaid tolls can add up fast, often into the thousands of dollars with penalties. This can lead to a D6 suspension of your Florida driver’s license. Many times this happens because of a faulty transponder, accounting error, or the toll agency fails to provide proper notice. These are all valid defenses.

It may surprise you to learn that the owner of the car is responsible for the toll, by statute, even if you were not the one driving when the toll wasn’t paid.

If you receive a toll violation citation, need help with resolving unpaid tolls, or with getting your license reinstated due to toll violations, contact Attorney Aaron O’Brien right away to discuss your options.